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14 Things You'll Totally Understand If You Were A Child Bookworm

So many kids love reading but then can't find time for it when they grow up. But with the Amazon Kindle App, you can read anywhere — on your phone, tablet, and computer — giving you more time to rediscover why you loved reading!

1. Your dream was to have a gigantic library in your home when you grew up.

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And it needed to have sliding ladders.

2. You definitely cried when an amazing book ended.

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Or when a character died.

3. But you were also filled with joy when you found out your favorite author was coming out with a new book.

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Especially if it was the next book in a series!

4. You totally sacrificed sleep because you had to read just one...more...chapter...

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But you had to pretend you were asleep if your parents came to check on you.

5. The local librarian knew you by name.

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And if you were lucky, she saved all the new books that she thought you'd like.

6. All of your Halloween costumes were based on characters from your current favorite book.

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And you were devastated if someone didn't get your costume.

7. You'll never forget how good your favorite old books smelled.

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That smell will forever remind you of childhood.

8. Receiving a book for your birthday was the best thing ever.

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Even if no one else quite understood why you didn't want toys.

9. You got caught reading for fun in class at least once.

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10. Rainy days were your favorite because you got to spend recess inside reading.

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But you'd never admit that to your friends when they were complaining about not being able to play dodgeball.

11. Your best friendships were based on having similar tastes in books.

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And forget about being friends with someone who didn't like reading.

12. There was nothing you wouldn't read, no matter how boring.

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Cereal boxes, magazines in waiting rooms, random pamphlets...

13. You were a pro at hiding when it was time to do chores because they cut into your reading time.

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"Sorry, but I didn't hear you calling for me." —you to your mom

14. And eventually, you finished every book in your home and in your school library.

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Because reading was your favorite thing to do.

Rediscover why you loved reading so much as a kid!

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