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15 Cats Who Disapprove Of Your D.I.Y. Ways

You've worked hard to improve your home this spring. You think it looks great. These cats believe otherwise. (And one even blogs about it.) Fear not: Home Depot has your back. You can still be a DIY hero if you get a little expert help. Your cat will thank you later.

1. Alice told you and told you and told you that installing a swing is harder than it looks. But would you listen? No you would not. So pardon Alice if she's not exactly rockin' the sympathy right now.

2. Olive is trying to think of a polite way to tell you this, but that garden you planted isn't worth crapping in.

3. L'il Paco is, frankly, surprised that you haven't figured out how a lawnmower works yet.

4. Gooseberry cannot believe it has taken you six hours to paint approximately 0% of the house.

5. LaToya finds your attempts at sidewalk repair to be grotesque and depressing.

6. Will Feral is trying real hard not to say anything about your jacked-up, raggedy lawn.

7. Remember your New Year's Resolution about planting a flower bed? Hillary does.

8. Beezus will shred one curtain every day until you wise up and start reading instruction manuals. She is sorry it had to come to this.

9. Waldorf and Statler think you ought to know: Your feeble attempts at landscaping are making you a neighborhood joke.

10. Bridget regrets to inform you that you are no longer even allowed on the patio, because everything you touch turns to garbage.

11. Chatsworth can't believe you are so bad with tools.

12. Marvin is convinced your backyard reflects your low self-esteem.

13. Richard wants you to know that he has tried everything (from being passive-aggressive to being regular-aggressive)... and at this point, he's officially giving up on you.

14. Cats have nine lives. Snowball wishes that you would get just one.

15. Sissy is beyond done with your DIY shenanigans.