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15 Useful And Artsy Things You Never Knew You Could Print At Home

Your printer isn’t just for work stuff. With Canon PIXMA, there are tons of creative and useful things to be made. The possibilities are endless!

1. A Paper Succulent Garden

Courtesy of Lia Griffith / Via

Don't have a green thumb? You won't need one to create this adorable paper succulent garden! Find instructions and printable templates from Lia Griffith.

2. DIY Photo Notepads

Capture a favorite memory on the paper you use every day for notes. Along with your printer, you probably already have everything you need! See how you can do it at A Beautiful Mess.

3. Paper Fortune Cookies

Courtesy of Tomfo / Via

Fortune cookies are clearly the best way to end a meal! And you can easily make your own at home with a printer — no cooking required! Find out how these are made at Tomfo.

4. DIY Flag Banners

Courtesy of Blooming Homestead / Via

There's no need to hit up the party supply store when decorating for your next get-together! Make a chic paper flag banner with this printable template from Blooming Homestead.

5. Individual Popcorn Boxes

Courtesy of Brittany Egbert / Via

Make your next movie night extra special with single-serve popcorn boxes — just like at the theater! See how it's done and print the template at One Charming Party.

6. Paper House Luminaries

Courtesy of Ananda Y / Via

Build a tiny, glowing village — perfect for the holidays and year-round! A Piece of Rainbow has the tutorial and free printable templates.

7. Photo Booth Props

Courtesy of Amy Locurto / Via

Creating a photo booth at home is super simple with these easy-to-make props! Do it yourself with instructions and printables from Living Locurto.

8. Wall Art

Courtesy of Lolly Jane / Via

Instantly give your walls a makeover with free printable wall art. Just print and frame! Get theses printables courtesy of Lolly Jane.

9. Tiny Gift Boxes

PaperScissorsPop / Etsy / Via

A fabulous tiny gift deserves to be given in a fabulous tiny box! Get these printable templates from the PaperScissorsPop shop on Etsy.

10. Photo Frames

Courtesy of TOMFO / Via

Of course you can print photos, but you can also print the frames you display them in! See how you can do it too at Tomfo.

11. Playing Cards


Have you ever gone to play a game only to realize you didn't have cards? Next time, print them for free from Printer Projects.

12. A Daily Planner

Brittany Garner Design / Etsy / Via

You don't need to buy a fancy day planner from an office supply store when you can print yours at home! Get this template from the Brittany Garner Design shop on Etsy!

13. Kids' Coloring Pages

Shutterstock / Via

There's no need for store-bought coloring booking for the kids when you can print coloring pages at home instantly! Find a variety of options here.

14. Board Games


Stuck in the house without a board game and nothing to do? Print your own. Get a DIY checkers template here.

15. Treasure Maps

Courtesy of Lil Luna / Via

Unfortunately there's no ~real~ treasure, but kids will have a blast with this free printable map and scavenger hunt. Get yours at Lil' Luna.

What will you make? Let your creativity show with a Canon PIXMA printer!