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The Cast Of "The Night Before" Answers Inappropriate Questions With Bitmojis

We asked Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt uncomfortable questions. Here are their answers (in Bitmojis). Don’t miss them in The Night Before, now playing — and outfit your own Bitmojis in their sweaters with the Bitmoji app.

Joseph: I like to be bizarre with my Bitmojis. I often think surrealism is the most effective form of communication.

Anthony: Or your dick pics make women hungry...?

Joseph: Well put. That's what I meant.

Seth: Mind. Blown.

Anthony: Thirsty.

Seth: You gotta hydrate.

Anthony: No, that's "thirsty," like...

Seth: Like you want more alcohol.

Anthony: No, like...

Seth: Ah! Like you're sexually thirsty. I just get sick.

Joseph: And I put on pearls!

Seth: Those two are great.

Anthony: You don't smell.

Seth: Teehee. I have very coy personal hygiene.

Joseph: Haaaaaawt!

Seth: I pray to pizza.

Anthony: Aaaaaw.

Anthony: That's a hard question to answer. Like, is this an orgasm you're proud of?

Joseph: Clitoral or internal?

Seth: Just your average clitoral orgasm.

Seth: I'm into pizza.

Joseph: Pearls again!

Seth: Word — that's what I say when I see my body. Word.

Anthony: All the teenagers use it. I tried to use it once... I failed.

Seth: Blow it out your ass. Fleek.

Seth: Hot. NICE!

Joseph: Not just hot. Haaaawwwt.


Joseph: Yaaass!

Seth: I want to fuck this guy!

Anthony: I want to fuck this guy. This guy's having a good time.


Anthony: Look how shy he is. You never know what you're going to get with this guy. Teeheehee.


Seth: You're killing skateboard-you!

Anthony: Why would you kill skateboard-you?

Joseph: Skaters, dude. I grew up in the valley.

Anthony: I don't care about no money!

Seth: I go, "Aaaaaw yeah!"

Joseph: And I wear my pearls!

Seth: Blaaaagh.

Joseph: Here's my answer to that one.

Seth: YOLO.

Seth: You wipe your ass with money. I think, Whatever.

Joseph: The struggle is real.

Anthony: Hashtag the struggle is real.

Seth: I think, Bravo.

Seth: Oh yeah.

Anthony: Yaaaas.

Joseph: That's almost too easy.

Anthony: Woooooo. Party.

Seth: I'm going to fart myself to death.

Image credits: Stone/ ©BuzzFeed

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