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11 Unexpected Ways To Use Ketchup And Make Life Epic

It's time to take your love of ketchup to the next level. Step it up a notch with a savoury bag of Doritos Ketchup Chips.

1. Use it as a marinade.

2. Put ketchup on your popcorn.

3. Conquer the art of communication with fancy ketchup art!

4. Make your own BBQ sauce.

5. Three words: ketchup fondue fountain.

6. Mix it up!

7. Freeze ketchup packets for boo-boos.

8. Use your old ketchup bottles to dispense pancake batter.

9. Whip up a quick dressing.

10. Dip bananas in ketchup.

11. Make "take-out" at home.

Devour Doritos Ketchup chips.