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10 Painfully Awkward Money Moments

Money can be incredibly awkward, especially when you're only dealing in cash. Here are a few choice situations we'd never like to experience again. Avoid uncomfortable money moments with Serve® from American Express.

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1. That awkward moment when the bill comes and you try to give the waiter 7 cards and he hates you, and also refuses to do it.

2. The moment when you are in line at the grocery store and a huge line piles up behind you because you are counting your exact change.

3. When you're a few bucks short of buying your favorite band's rare tour shirt after the show and the merch guy can't cut you a deal.

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4. The moment when you try and pass a Chuck E. Cheese token as a quarter at the grocery store and you're an adult.

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5. That awkward moment at a fundraiser when they pass the money bucket around for the musicians and the three quarters you throw in make a super loud clanging sound.

6. That awkward moment where you give them a 20 and they don't give you change and you're like "yo, I gave you a 20" and they're like "you only gave me a 10" and then you realize you did only give them a 10 and it's Monday.

Teenage couple buying tickets at cinema box office
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Teenage couple buying tickets at cinema box office

7. When your friend buys the movie tickets and you only have $3.57 in crumpled bills and change to pay her back.

8. That awkward moment when all of your credit cards get declined at a fancy restaurant and you have to call your mom.

9. That moment when you go to pay in pennies and then you drop all your pennies and you have to crawl around on the floor picking up pennies while everyone secretly laughs at you.

10. That moment when you pay for something less than $5 with a check but you mess up and you have to rip it up and write another check and it's like do you really need that York Peppermint Patty and Yoo-hoo that bad?