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24 Perfectly Hilarious Basketball Pictures

These are those moments that probably won't make the front page. The goofballs. The well-timed shots. The faces. The comedy club of the NBA. And for more laughs, follow the new adventures of Uncle Drew.

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1. Everybody dance now.

2. Everybody dance NOW. You too, Kyrie.

3. LeBron loves to pretend he's a photographer.

4. Pau chops.

5. The ball is mesmerizing.

6. Smush.

7. We've always thought of Kobe as a superhero on the court.

8. Sometimes you just go to unexpected places in this game.

9. Kevin Love as Hamlet.

10. Blake Griffin is always flying, even when he lands.

11. When the Boshtrich arrives, you know the game's heating up.

12. Use the force.

13. Not sure what's going on here.

14. These faces make the long three look like Godzilla.

15. Be careful with those dunks, guys!

16. You really feel the horror of letting the ball go out of bounds with this one.

17. Everybody dance Yao.

18. Tough for Kobe to size Yao up.

19. GIANT.

20. Dirk has the greatest faces, too.

21. These guys protect the ball no matter what.

22. Perfect.

23. Here, I think you dropped this.

24. And finally, after the game, it's dinner time.

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