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    • gypsyj

      Everything about the incident angered me.Ihad so many questions! Where were ANY of the parents?? Who the hell supplied THAT much alcohol to all those minors?Iwant to know why those shitbags that videotaped the assault on several occasions throughout that night, and then transmitted those pictures and videos to other students, why the hell aren’t those assholes on trial for being accomplices to the assault and to child pornography? And why the holy hell didn’t ANYONE call for help foragirl that was puking in the street and mostly naked? What the holy hell is wrong with people, teaching their children that THAT shit is ok? Why weren’t more of those perverse little shitbags put on trial for the assault? They WATCHED it, videotaped it, and send on nude pictures of the victims. Fry every f*cking one of the little bastards! NO f*cking sympathy.

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