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    15 Easy Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine A Little Less Wasteful

    Cut down on packaging and only buy what you're actually going to use.

    1. Swap out your regular liquid shampoo, conditioner, or face cleanser for a bar.

    2. Replace your cotton pads with washable rounds.

    3. And buy cotton swabs with paper sticks rather than plastic, so they can be composted.

    4. Offer beauty products you no longer use to close friends and family before they expire and end up in landfill.

    5. Next time you run out of a certain product, wait and see how long you can go without it before you replace it.

    6. And challenge yourself to actually finish your beauty products before replacing them.

    7. Say "no" to product samples you don't truly have an interest in trying.

    8. Go to physical stores rather than order all of your makeup and skincare online.

    9. And if you do shop online, place one big order rather than several small ones.

    10. Test products before you buy them if you're always throwing away things you don't like.

    11. Replace your exfoliating body lotions and scrubs with a dry body brush that you can use over and over.

    12. Use coconut oil sold in glass packaging as body moisturizer and eye makeup remover.

    13. Or try making your own beauty or bath products to replace those you'd normally buy in plastic packaging.

    14. Take your own products with you on vacation and don't be tempted by hotel toiletries.

    15. And always check to see if your empty bottles and pots can be recycled.

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