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    This Parent Turns Healthy Food Into Their Kid's Favourite Characters

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a Minion?

    Melbourne mum, Laleh Mohmedi, has found the perfect way to get her two-year-old son, Jacob, to eat healthy - by turning meals into his favourite characters.

    Each night, Jacob requests a new character, which he'd like to eat the next day.

    All of Jacob's meals are just as cute as they are healthy.

    Like this Mr. Potato Head, that is actually made out of lentils.

    And this on point depiction of Grug, made from wholemeal spelt pancakes.

    Who wouldn't want to eat these fruity muppets?

    Or this breakfast food Pinocchio?

    Because could there be anything better than a snack that looks like Peppa Pig?

    Probably not. Unless it's this pear and cheese Mike from Monsters, Inc..

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