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16 Signs You're The Witch Of Your Friend Group

Besides the cackle, obviously.

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1. You never quite know what to say when your friends start talking about how ~amazing~ their date was or how ~cute~ that baby at the table next to you is.

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Can silence count as an answer?

2. You constantly wish you could unfollow people in real-life.

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Bonus points if you've made this witch wish out loud.

3. You've experienced an unsettling joy when the villain in movies momentarily comes out on top.


And an overwhelming disappointment when the hero triumphs. Yet again.

4. Your high school sleepovers have remained the most memorable.

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Light as a feather...

5. Some would say, they were nights that will never be forgotten.

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And you're sure they mean that in a good way.

6. Sometimes you find it very difficult to get people to trust you.

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Apparently you just "have that look". Whatever "that look" is.

7. You look your best dressed completely in black.


So chic.

8. Your preferred method of transport is... ALONE.

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With your thoughts.

9. You've long accepted that your spirit animal is a cat.

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One the perfect shade of black, naturally.

10. You're constantly being told by your dates, flings and ex-lovers that you're just so ~mysterious~.

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And consider this a compliment of the very highest order.

11. The first to admit that you hold a grudge better than most, you consider your commitment a testament to your inner passion.

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And what a passion it is.

12. You live your life shrouded in incense and the smoke of a thousand burning candles.


Because doesn't everyone?

13. But you can smell a vanilla, strawberry or citrus offense a mile away.

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Pass the patchouli someone, please.

14. If you could, you would communicate exclusively through notes scrawled on aged parchment.

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"Pen license? Witch, please. I can calligraphy you to the underworld and back."

15. And drink only from a heavy, tarnished goblet.

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16. And, of course, you've literally been called a witch.

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By your friends. And liked how it felt.