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    17 Moments That All Sensitive People Will Never Get Over

    You are a delicate flower.

    1. That time you asked your friend if your outfit was okay and they replied: "You can borrow something of mine if you want".

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    Make it more obvious that I am repulsive next time, "friend".

    2. That time you were looking forward to your favourite lunch all day, only to find that the cafe had sold out FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

    OWN / Via

    As if they knew you were craving it.

    3. That time you asked your significant other if they wanted to come over but they were busy.

    Fox / Via

    Yeah. "Busy."

    4. That time - after that time - that you called them to see how their day was and they didn't answer.

    Walt Disney / Via

    5. That time your mum only texted back one word and you knew you must be a disappointment.



    6. That time your friend told you to "lighten up" and you realised they didn't know the real you.

    NBC / Via

    Yeah. Nice knowing you too.

    7. That time your skin broke out the morning of the party.

    Walt Disney / Via

    And you were this close to staying home.

    8. That time you decided to try a competitive sport. And lost.


    9. That time you thought you were going to ace an assignment, only to get an average mark.

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    And agonised over it for the rest of the term.

    10. That time you cut your hair and regretted it as soon as you looked in the mirror.

    New Line Cinema / Via


    11. That time you heard your friends laughing at the next table and just knew they were talking about you.

    Walt Disney / Via

    It was so obvious, you guys.

    12. That time your significant other said they were only joking. But you thought about their "joke" for weeks.


    And will now NEVER ask them for one of their fries ever again.

    13. That time the bus pulled away from the curb when you were just metres away from the door.


    And you were already running late.

    14. That time you watched the movie where the sad things happens and you forgot there was happiness in the world for weeks.

    Walt Disney / Via

    Maybe even months.

    15. That time your favourite TV show got cancelled.


    Life is so unfair.

    16. That time you decided to start reading more Sylvia Plath.

    ABC / Via

    Oh, life.

    17. That time you read that post on BuzzFeed and realised your star sign was totally right about the kind of person you are.


    You are so, damn predictable.

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