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17 Epic Australian Milkshakes To Add To Your Bucket List

Because what better reason could there be to explore this beautiful country of ours?

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1. XS Espresso - Wetherill Park, Sydney

Choose between an overflowing glass of chocolate goodness, or a sprinkle-covered Kinder Surprise shake.

2. Sapore Espresso Bar - Cloverdale, Perth

This one goes out to all the bubble gum lovers.

3. P√Ętissez - Canberra

Home of the original ~freakshakes~, this small Canberra cafe is now known world-wide.

4. Johnny Pump - Essendon, Melbourne

Why yes, that IS a tiny cheesecake on top of a very big milkshake.

5. Foodcraft Espresso - Erskineville, Sydney

Unless you've been living in a Wi-Fi-free cave for the last few months, you would have already heard about - and drooled over - this cafe's 'Tella ball shake.

6. Milk Cafe - Ashgrove, Brisbane

A spoonful of Nutella will help the milkshake go down.

7. St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert - Adelaide

This salted caramel and waffle will change the way you do dessert forever. And ever.

8. The Vogue Cafe - Macquarie Park, Sydney

If sour worms, popcorn, and Kit Kats sound like your dream milkshake toppers, you need to pay this place a visit.

9. Muharam Cafe - Hawthorn, Melbourne

The big straw on these monster milkshakes means you'll be able to catch any stray sprinkles that fall inside your jar of joy.

10. Naughty Boy - Carlton North, Melbourne

With a warm gluten-free brownie and freeze-dried fruits on top, these things are all kinds of wonderful.

11. Wild Pear Cafe - Dural, Sydney

Because really, is there anything prettier than Persian fairy floss?

12. Chester Street Bakery & Bar - Newstead, Brisbane

Because why would you want a milkshake without a doughnut and Tim Tam on top if you can get one with them?

13. The Missing Piece - Macquarie, Sydney

Just like that Scotch Finger you enjoy with your morning tea - but dipped into an intense milkshake-smoothie hybrid instead.

14. Candied Bakery - Spotswood, Melbourne

When you're done with chocolate and sprinkles, try this apple pie shake.

15. Doughnut Time - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Introducing the Peanut Butter Cup creations you've been waiting for.

16. BOY & Co - Malvern, Melbourne

For a classic treat, hit up BOY & Co - and make sure you order some fries to go with that shake.

17. Whisk Creamery - Subiaco, Perth

Just when you thought it wouldn't be possible to combine pretzels, marshmallow, cream AND doughnuts in one meal - you see it all piled on top of a milkshake.

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