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    A Beginner's Guide To Swedish Death Cleaning

    It's nowhere near as horrifying as it sounds.

    If you've ever lost a family member, you know the conversations surrounding who gets what stuff don't always end well. And even if they do, cleaning out the home of a loved one isn't easy.

    When I first heard about Swedish death cleaning I assumed, fairly, that it was some special process Swedish people used to clean the dead. I was...incorrect.

    The book is written by the very funny Margareta Magnusson, who describes herself as being somewhere between "80 and 100 years old."

    When it comes to death cleaning, an important thing to remember is that it's meant to be hard, but not sad.

    But one of my favorite tips is to create a "throw away" box, filled with items that mean a lot to you, but nothing to anyone else.

    So, there you go: Swedish death cleaning isn't morbid, it's just a thoughtful way to de-clutter your home and life.

    If you want to learn more, you can get The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning from Amazon for $12.91 or Barnes & Noble for $13.54.