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    Posted on 8 Jun 2016

    We Swapped Makeup Routines For A Week And Hated Every Second Of It

    This is what happens when a makeup lover and makeup hater swap morning routines for seven long days.

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    Hello world, we're Tan and Gyan. These two selfies show our faces in their usual state.

    As you can see, one of us doesn't normally wear makeup and the other one fucking loves it.

    For some insane reason, we decided to see what would happen if we swapped makeup routines for a week. It was, well, interesting.

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    The first step was trading makeup routines. For Tan, this meant taking a lot of notes.


    On an average "I'm putting in effort" day, Gyan's makeup routine involves primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, brow wax, brow powder, brow gel, and some kind of lip balm or lipstick.

    It was all a lot to take in tbh.


    Tan's routine on the other hand, is much simpler.


    Literally it's just "wash your face" then go live your life.

    And it was go time. Gyan went through three makeup wipes taking her face off, while Tan took her time trying to get it all just right.


    The first few days of the challenge were full of surprises. Like how annoying – and time consuming – it is taking your makeup off before bed every night.


    There's no denying that scrubbing mascara off after a long day is kind of the worst.

    And how delightful it is not having to worry that you're going to stamp makeup on anything and everything you touch.


    So many white shirts and collars remained stain-free during the making of this video.

    Halfway through the challenge we checked in to see how each other were going.


    Tan tried her best to stay positive, while Gyan was well and truly done with the whole thing.

    One of the most interesting parts of the week were the reactions we got from friends and family.


    Nobody actually dared to ask Gyan why she'd stopped wearing makeup all of sudden. But when she started the conversation with people, they were all super supportive and into her new look.

    Tan had the opposite reaction. Out of about 50 encounters through the week, only one was positive.


    Seriously, mostly people just laughed at her.

    By the time the final day of the challenge rolled around we were both literally so over the whole thing.


    We were ready to go back to our normal-faced selves.


    In the end, we both realised we'd actually learned a lot about the way our appearance helps us shape our identities.


    Gyan: I've felt like I'm not myself. I've felt boring and dull. It was kind of a good realisation that I actually wear makeup for me. It's been fun. It's been nice not having to do it and having that extra time in the morning but I missed it at the same time.

    Tan: To be honest I kind of had a love/hate relationship with it. I really actually enjoyed sitting down every morning and having time to myself. But at the same time, people in my life reacted really negatively toward it: pretty much everyone from my ex to my best friends, even my mum.

    It really goes to show how much makeup and clothes and generally the way we present ourselves really affects how other people see us.

    In conclusion, do what makes you feel good about yourself – whether that means wearing a shitload of makeup or none at all.


    You do you, guys.

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