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    26 Stunning Reasons Why Tasmania Is The Best Island In The World

    You keep doing you, Tassie.

    1. Travel and Leisure magazine have named Tasmania as one of the best islands in the world in their August edition.

    2. Coming in fourth, behind the Galapagos Islands, Bali, and the Maldives, Tassie was also named the best island in the Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific region.

    3. But really, is anyone actually surprised?

    4. Because Tassie has it all, right?

    5. It has the white sand.

    6. It has the waterfalls.

    7. And, of course, it has the perfect sunsets.

    8. But the best thing about Tasmania?

    9. It isn't your typical tropical island.

    10. Nope. It's not even close.

    11. Because Tasmania is a magical place.

    12. Whether you're looking up...

    13. Or looking down.

    14. Whether you're exploring the bush...

    15. Or mucking around at the beach.

    16. Because there's something about Tassie that makes it special.

    17. Maybe it's the mountains?

    18. Or maybe it's the water?

    19. But whatever it is that makes Tassie different to every other island - it's also what makes it the best.

    20. Because where else will you find burnt orange rocks?

    21. And a view that rivals this?

    22. How many islands do you know where the locals are this cute?

    23. And the waterfalls this perfect?

    24. Or this wild?

    25. Oh, Tassie - you've always been our favourite island.

    26. So you keep doing you. OK?

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