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    Everyone Is So Damn Happy That Waleed Aly Won The Gold Logie

    Nailed it!

    The Project's Waleed Aly just won the 2016 gold Logie.


    In his acceptance speech he made reference to the lack of diversity in the media, noted the incredible talents of the other Gold Logie nominees, and openly acknowledged that there are still many Australians unable to celebrate their own backgrounds.

    People are seriously over the moon about the win. Like, really, really over the moon.

    W A L E E D!!! Finally, some sense. His is a voice that represents mine. #WaleedAly #logies2016 #modernaustralia #waleedforPM

    The best thing that happened to TV is #WaleedAly @theprojecttv #TVWEEKLogies Thank you & Congratulations!!

    waleed aly deserves all the logies oh my god i love this man

    It's seriously heart-warming.

    @WaleedAly wins the #GoldLogie. Quite the moment for minorities in Australia.

    Noni Hazelhurst crying when Waleed Aly won the Gold #TVWEEKLogies How's that for diversity in modern Australia!

    The way Waleed talks about his wife. THAT is how you treat a woman. 😍😭 #WaleedAly #relationshipgoals #TVWEEKLogies

    Everyone is just so damn proud.

    @WaleedAlly is not a Muslim Australian. He is an Australian & has this countries interests at ❤️ #congratulations. #tvweeklogies #waleedaly

    Congratulations Waleed Aly! Well deserved! Yay diversity!

    Nice one Waleed Aly. You are a genuinely brilliant, intelligent, funny dude. Australian TV is better with you on it. #Logies

    And so they should be. You're an absolute treasure, Waleed. Congratulations.


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