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This Muslim Designer's Australia Day Campaign Celebrates Diversity

"It's not how we are different but how we are alike."

Azahn Munas is a 23-year-old Muslim, and the founder and creative director of fashion label, MOGA. Last year, the Melbourne-based designer famously sent Pauline Hanson two of his headscarves.


The One Nation leader did not appreciate the gesture and later tried to return the gift.

This year, he's set his focus on Australia Day, shooting a campaign that features four women from different backgrounds wearing a MOGA scarf.


The women were all encouraged to wear a green and gold scarf in a way that reflected their own personal style and culture.

Munas immigrated to Australia from Sri Lanka when he was seven years old and sees January 26 as a day for unity.


"Australia Day is about coming together and celebrating what’s great about our country, and for me it’s the fact that we are an incredibly diverse, tolerant, and accepting bunch of people," he told BuzzFeed.

"I have friends from all walks of life who could not be more different to each other on paper, but they can all come together for a laugh or a great time which I think is pretty special.”