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    17 Very Real Struggles Of Having A Tall Boyfriend

    I love you. But I can't kiss you.

    1. Getting a decent photo together can be difficult.

    Every single time. The trials and tribulations of getting a selfie with your 6'4" boyfriend.

    Double that struggle if you want to crop to square.

    2. Buying your boyfriend clothing is totally out of the question.

    3. When you want to be all cute and borrow his pyjamas, only to realise trying to walk in them could be a liability.

    4. Being the big spoon can be tough...

    5. ...but being the small spoon usually means forgoing pillow privileges.

    6. "He's so tall!"

    7. They literally can't hear you what you say 99% of the time.

    8. Hugs are either uplifting or totally crushing.

    9. When they put away the groceries and you have to starve until they get home to help you.

    10. There will be time where you have to live in their shadow.

    11. And you've always got to give up the aisle seat.

    On the plane #tallboyfriendproblems @RobbieLowther27

    Oh, the sacrifices!

    12. They will complain about your "small" double bed, insisting it's inferior to their own giant one.

    13. You've got to stand at the back at concerts with the other polite tall people, even though you can't see a thing from there.

    14. When you do venture into the crowd, girls ask to get on your boyfriend's shoulders.

    15. You're constantly breaking into a run to keep up with their long strides.

    16. Fashion blogs will be like "borrow your boyfriend's clothes" and you'll be like... I don't think so.

    17. And absolutely forget the idea of ever having a bubble bath together.

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