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15 Election Moments That Really Pissed Off All Left Wing Australians

~To the left, to the left. What a hell of a time to lean to the left.~

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1. When Pauline Hanson used a monster truck to literally crush two cars that represented the major parties.

Classic Pauline tho.


5. When Bob Katter made this video implying he shot the Liberal and Labor parties dead, just days after the Orlando shootings.

Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016?

He later explained that he had no idea the shootings had even happened.


13. When Malcolm Turnbull gently stroked this pet rat named Splinter.

Facebook: video.php

14. When you saw Axle Whitehead, aka the dude who flashed his dick at the Arias, campaigning for the Liberal party.

Facebook: video.php