17 Smart Things To Do In Your First Week At A New Job

    Bring a sweater and use a simple trick to remember your new coworker's names.

    1. Draw a map of the desks that surround yours, and add the name of who sits at each desk.

    2. Carry cash with you in case there's an office coffee run or lunch order.

    3. And pack your lunch for the first few days, or at least have some snacks with you.

    4. During your first week, start setting up your email folders.

    5. Take a notebook and pen to every single meeting, no exceptions.

    6. Hold on to your job description, or take clear notes when your manager is first explaining your responsibilities.

    7. Wear layers, or take a sweater with you on your first day.

    8. Start taking note of your successes from day one, so you're totally prepared for your first performance review.

    9. Follow the advice senior team members give you and then share your results with them — even if it's something simple like trying a coffee shop.

    10. Try and find out how long your coworkers have each worked for the company.

    11. Be wary of the person who makes a special effort to get you up to speed with the office politics and gossip.

    12. Be sure to mention any upcoming trips you have booked at the first oppurtunity.

    13. Check if your organization's website has photos and names of any staff listed.

    14. If you're stuck on something, see if there's a non-human resource that can help you solve it before you ask someone.

    15. Always say "yes" if someone offers to help you with something.

    16. If a coworker invites you to something, go.

    17. And finally, remember that the first week at a new job is often the most challenging and that things will settle down once you find your feet.

    H/T Reddit Life Pro Tips and AskReddit.