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This Photo Sums Up The Life Of Every Australian '00s Girl

Featuring DOLLY, Supre and that Roxy Nokia you dreamt about.

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If you ever thought a single photo couldn't possibly sum up an entire generation of teen girls, you're about to be proven very, very wrong.

This photo, posted to Tumblr, shows a single clipboard, which honestly represents the teenage years of every Australian '00s girl.


Everyone's favourite brands, Supre, Roxy, Billabong and Australis feature, obviously.

Tim / Via Flickr: hellofish

Because at that time, you were only as good as your slogan tee, and surf-branded accessories. Duh.

Throw in some Converse shoes, another Chris Hemsworth clipping and an Olsen twins cover shoot, and it's obvious that this photo is as close as anyone is ever getting to encapsulating the '00s.


So, long live the clipboard, and those years that will always remain the best time to be a teenage girl.

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