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This Olympian's Post-Game Macca's Order Is Honestly So Inspiring

The real Olympic dream.

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Sawan Serasinghe is a 22-year-old Australian badminton player, currently in Rio for the 2016 Olympic games.

Instagram: @sawansera

Along with his men's doubles partner Matthew Chau, Sawan played three Olympic matches. Sadly, they did not win any of them.

Instagram: @sawansera

Obviously, everyone in Australia still thinks they're bloody legends, though.

After his final match, Sawan made the best decision the sporting world's ever witnessed and went on the Macca's run to end all Macca's runs. He bought six burgers, six large fries, six brownies, and 40 CHICKEN NUGGETS.

Instagram: @sawansera

In his Instagram caption he wrote: "Just want to say thanks again to everyone back home for the ongoing support. Definitely motivated me to fight hard on court everyday! ❤️ Now it's time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean!"

YOU DO YOU, SAWAN. You are the ultimate Olympic goals.

Instagram: @sawansera