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This Australian Actor Ate 40 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Day For 60 Days

And made a movie about it. As you do.

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Australian actor Damon Gameau is the director - and lead star - of new documentary That Sugar Film, which seeks to answer some seriously big questions about sugar and the way it's consumed worldwide

After three years of healthy living, Damon began to re-question society's addiction to sugar when he found out he was going to become a dad soon.


With groups for and against sugar, Damon started researching the subject of sugar, eventually deciding the best way to come to a conclusion on the topic was to do an experiment - on himself.

During the experiment, Damon isn't allowed any "junk food", so no ice cream, soft drinks, chocolate or lollies.


Instead, he looks to find his 40 teaspoons of sugar per day in foods that are perceived as healthy, like low-fat yoghurt, fruit juice and cereal. Sadly, it's much easier than anyone would have guessed it would be.

H/t to all the hidden refined sugars out there.


Throughout the film's duration, you pretty much learn that sugar is totally fucked. And that it's in everything.

That Sugar Film

EVERYTHING. And most of the time, you have no idea how much - because the companies that are making these foods don't want you to.

"The first thing we need to do is hold companies accountable for what they put on their packaging," Damon tells BuzzFeed Life. "A lot of these companies put on the packets 'packed with essential vitamins' or 'nature's bounty' or 'Mother Earth's juice', and it's all these slogans that imply that these products are health foods."

Shit starts to get real when Damon's team of doctors discover he is suffering from fatty liver disease.


"I was right on the edge of heart disease risk and right on the edge of being pre-diabetic," says Damon. Not to mention the fact he looked and felt like total crap - a description he agrees with completely.