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25 Things Only Long-Distance BFFs Understand

"I can't, my best friend is in town. I mean, my other best friend."

1. That feeling when you see them after a long time apart.

HBO / Via

Sometimes hugs warrant hurt.

2. Time together, as magical as it is, can feel like a race to make up for as much lost time as possible.


Scheduled bathroom and snack times may be necessary, depending on how long it's been between play dates.

3. People who try to crash your precious one-on-one time are literally the worst people on the planet.


Who cares if they miss them too? Not you.

4. You couldn't really care less when your geographically-better-suited friends get jealous, after you blow them off the entire time your best friend is around.

ABC / Via

They always come back around.

5. After that initial catch-up is out of the way, you get to focus on what really matters.

E! / Via

Also known as all those weird thoughts you know you could never share with anyone else.

6. There are times that your other friends just won't compare.

MTV / Via

And you get that melancholy lonely, which can only occur when you're surrounded by a group of people you would trade for a certain one in a second.

7. You would actually give anything to do completely normal things with them.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Things that would mean they were a part of your everyday, regular, boring old routine.

8. When times are tough, you daydream about how they would have your back...

Touchstone Pictures / Via

If they weren't a million miles away.

9. The same way you wish you could jump to their defence when you hear about anything shitty going on with them.

Paramount Pictures / Via

And, if they ever seriously asked, you'd fly there in a second to throw shade at request.

10. Best friend in life. Best friend on Snapchat.


Warning: This content would not be suitable for anyone else's eyes.

11. Limited time together must include introductions to new significant others.

FOX / Via

No serious relationship could possibly develop without the stamp of approval — because that dream of family holidays together has got to happen.

12. Although your friend already knows every — seriously, every — thing about them.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The more inappropriate, the more important, obviously.

13. They're the one person you know will reply to every text.

NBC / Via

And answer every call. No matter what they've got going on.

14. And they feel exactly the same way about you.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Because you both get that if you can't actually be there, you've got to be there, at the end of the phone.

15. The funniest things between the two of you couldn't possibly be understood by anyone else.

Universal Pictures / Via

In fact, they'd probably be taken completely the wrong way.

16. When your friends meet your LDBF (Long-Distance Best Friend), they can't believe "how much like you" they are.


"Maybe tell me something I don't know."

17. As much as you hate it, there's a tiny pinch on your heart when you see them post photos with their new friends.

NBC / Via

Not that you would ever, under any circumstances, tell them.


18. People's stories about how they totally drifted apart from their ex-LDBF, as though it's going to happen to you too, ignites a particular degree of rage, incomparable to any other.

Universal Pictures / Via

And you will prove them wrong.

19. You synced your TV schedule.

MTV / Via

The best part of this weekly viewing is the recap phone call that immediately follows.

20. You have absolutely no barriers when it comes to expressing your unwavering longing for them.

NBC / Via

And they reciprocate accordingly. Always.

21. That good-bye never, ever gets easier.

THE CW Television Network / Via

Even though you already have the next visit completely booked.

22. It just hurts.


And hurts some more.

23. And after a while you remember how to live life without them again.


However plain, boring, and generally less sparkly it may be.

24. Sometimes you even wonder why the universe was so unfair to introduce you to someone so perfect, then take them away from you.

Bazmark Films / Via

That cruel, cruel world.

25. Then you remember how thankful you are they exist at all and convince yourself you can live without them literally by your side.

The CW Television Network / Via

As long as you've got unlimited calls.

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