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11 Things Everyone Should Know About Dumplings

Eating, cooking, and enjoying.

BuzzFeed Life spoke to Dan Hong, executive chef at Sydney's Mr Wong, and Dendy Harjanto, Australasian director of Din Tai Fung, to find out everything you need to know about dumplings.

(But first, be warned: You may feel the overwhelming urge to get yourself some pork, chive, prawn, or veggie-filled goodies as soon as you finish reading.)

1. The best way to eat a dumpling is in one bite.

2. If you can't use chopsticks, eat your dumplings with your fingers.

3. Mix two parts vinegar with one part soy sauce for the perfect dumpling sauce.

4. Dumplings are just one element of dim sum.

5. Xiao long bao dumplings are different from others as they contain broth.

6. When eating xiao long bao or a dumpling with a ~soupy~ interior, opt for chopsticks and a spoon.

7. You can tell whether your dumpling was cooked fresh or frozen by looking at the skin.

8. When making dumplings at home, try to keep your packages small.

9. When pan-frying your own dumplings, timing and ratios are your best friends.

10. When cooking wontons, choose to boil or deep-fry.

11. There is no limit to the amount of dumplings that can - and should - be consumed in one sitting.