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    18 Places To Get Incredible Vietnamese Food In Sydney

    Because it does exist - you just need to know where to look.

    1. Bau Truong, Marrickville, Cabramatta and Canley Heights

    2. Thanh Binh, Newtown and Cabramatta

    3. Pho An, Bankstown

    4. Mama's Buoi, Crows Nest and Surry Hills

    5. Huong Xua, Cabramatta

    6. THY Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

    7. Great Aunty Three, Enmore and Surry Hills

    8. Huong Huong, Marrickville

    9. Pho Pasteur, Bankstown, Parramatta and Haymarket

    10. Xage, Surry Hills

    11. Old Thanh Huong, Marrickville

    12. Miss Chu, various locations

    13. Vinata's Hot Bread, Cabramatta

    14. The Naughty Chef, Sydney CBD

    15. Pho Viet, Cabramatta

    16. Pho PHD, Marrickville

    17. Phamish, Darlinghurst

    18. Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville

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