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These Street Style Photo Show Sierra Leone's Fierce Fashion

This documentary shows the incredible style that emerges from the clothing the rest of the world has rejected.

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Jo Dunlop moved from Australia to Sierra Leone's Freetown in 2011 to work with UNICEF on a maternal healthcare project. Once there she realised there was a whole other side to the city she wanted to document.

Meeting locals and exploring the streets, Jo discovered that Freetown was "teeming with some of the most resourceful, brave and outrageous fashion decisions ever made". And so she started her blog Freetown Fashpack, and started work on an ABC Arts web series, which premiered this week.

The documentary series explores the second-hand markets where most of the city's residents shop, the junks.

Jo Dunlop

These colourful street markets sell clothing the Western world has rejected. From the piles of donated clothing emerge some insanely cool outfits, that fall within the budget of a population who on average, live on less than $AU1.65 a day.