This Hot Tradie's Travel Video Is Going Viral Because People Are Thirsty AF

    Bulk Gatorade will be needed to quench this thirst.

    Auckland-born plumber, Logan Dodds has spent the last three months travelling Europe, documenting his journey on a GoPro. Yesterday, he uploaded the video to Facebook, where it's received a pretty great response.

    Facebook: video.php

    And by pretty great we mean damn thirsty.

    The video begins with 24-year-old Logan at work...

    ...and finishes with him falling into bed, all tuckered out.

    The rest of the video seems to perfectly capture the kind of ~European summer~ everyone living in the Southern Hemisphere has on their bucket list.

    The video, which was posted to the GoPro Facebook page, seems to be inspiring a lot of future travel videographers. It's also inspiring a hell of a lot of thirst.

    Thirsty, thirsty thirst for Logan and Europe equally.

    Now go enjoy a long drink of water, you guys.