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    This Hot Tradie's Travel Video Is Going Viral Because People Are Thirsty AF

    Bulk Gatorade will be needed to quench this thirst.

    Auckland-born plumber, Logan Dodds has spent the last three months travelling Europe, documenting his journey on a GoPro. Yesterday, he uploaded the video to Facebook, where it's received a pretty great response.

    Facebook: video.php

    And by pretty great we mean damn thirsty.

    The video begins with 24-year-old Logan at work...

    ...and finishes with him falling into bed, all tuckered out.

    The rest of the video seems to perfectly capture the kind of ~European summer~ everyone living in the Southern Hemisphere has on their bucket list.


    Hello, travel goals. 🙌

    "The highlight of the trip would have to be sitting on Sunset Hill at 6am in Cappodica, watching the hot air balloons pass by... Or sipping cocktails with three legends in Hula Hula Bar in Hvar, watching the sunset. Both were probably on par," Logan tells BuzzFeed Life.

    The video, which was posted to the GoPro Facebook page, seems to be inspiring a lot of future travel videographers. It's also inspiring a hell of a lot of thirst.

    Thirsty, thirsty thirst for Logan and Europe equally.

    Now go enjoy a long drink of water, you guys.


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