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    Meet The Fierce Fashion Blogger Who "Just Happens To Wear A Headscarf"

    "I’m not a 'Muslim fashion blogger' - just a fashion blogger who happens to wear a headscarf."

    26-year-old Wiwid Howat moved to Sydney from Indonesia almost three years ago, and has been blogging ever since.

    But Wiwid isn't your average fashion blogger. Sure, she has the followers, and the style - but Wiwid is on a mission to challenge perceptions.

    Beyond her flawless fashion, Wiwid is starting a conversation, which she perfectly sums up in a simple tag: #thegirlbeneaththeheadscarf.

    Wiwid began blogging while shooting campaigns for her own self-titled clothing label, when she was still living in Indonesia. She now has over 19,000 Instagram followers.

    As a Muslim, one of Wiwid's main goals is to reach a wider audience through her blog, spreading awareness about creativity and freedom within her community.

    Fierce fashion + fierce attitude = flawless.