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    This Architecture Student Is Making The Dollhouse Of Your Dreams

    And teeny tiny furniture to fill it with.

    Emily Boutard is a 28-year-old lawyer and architecture student from Melbourne. In her spare time, she makes tiny things.

    More specifically, she makes tiny houses and tiny furniture, both of which are the stuff your childhood dreams were probably made of.

    Each piece requires hours of work. As in, something as small as a washstand can take around eight hours.

    And knowing that, you can only try and imagine how many hours of work can go into an entire house.

    Luckily, Emily finds the process of building miniatures to be quite meditative.

    Though her real measure of success is how long someone is able to look at a photo of her creations before realising that they're miniatures.

    But seriously, how amazing is this tiny marble sink?

    And this perfect mid-century lounge room?!

    Yep, we'll happily shrink down and move into any of Emily's houses any time, thanks.

    More information about Emily's work can be found here.