15 Australian Food Blogs Guaranteed To Change The Way You Eat

"Hold on, taste buds. You're in for the ride of your life."

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Recently, we shared a few of our favourite local food blogs — we then asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what they have bookmarked for food inspo. Here's what they were willing to reveal:

2. Noodlies

Perfect for: The next time you feel like going out to enjoy the best in Asian cuisine.

- Anna Mendoza, Facebook

6. Raspberri Cupcakes

Perfect for: Baking fans. Every last sugar loving one of them.

"Love Raspberri Cupcakes for her adorable cakes and muffins and insanely detailed macarons." - Kyri Fuss, Facebook

7. Health for Happy

Perfect for: Those days the healthy food craving is high.

- Lucy Axton, Facebook

11. Miss Foodie

Via Facebook: MissFoodieAus

Perfect for: Those who like a side of recipes with their restaurant reviews.

"She is Brisbane-based and has a fantastic blog. She gives great recipe ideas, food and restaurant reviews. She was just recently a guest speaker at Apple on how to start a blog. Do yourself a favor." - Debs Ward, Facebook

12. Breakfast Confidential

Perfect for: The brunch lovers of WA.

"The most important meal of the day!" - Dame Samantha, Facebook

13. Expensive Delicious

Perfect for: Melbourne coffee and lunch addicts.

- Claudia Hartley, Facebook

15. Cookbook Resolution

Via Facebook: CookbookResolution

Perfect for: Anyone who agrees that everything looks better in cartoon form, including recipes.

"It's a comic! It's both delicious and funny - everything you could hope for." - Yumbo McGillicutty, Facebook

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