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    This Website Will Help You Find The Wedding Venue Of Your Pinterest Dreams

    Because the venue of your Pinterest-dreams exists. It's just a matter of finding it.

    A new Australian website, WedShed is set to help couples find their perfect wedding venue. Much like Airbnb, the site lists privately-owned venues, which are perfect for anyone looking for a Pinterest-worthy location for their ~big day~.

    When visiting the site, users have the option to "find a venue" or "list a venue", making the site useful for engaged couples, and those owning spaces they know are fit for a wedding.

    Because, sometimes, all it takes is the right table setting and some neat bunting to get shed wedding-ready.

    Like this super pretty property in Victoria.

    That comes complete with orchard, paddocks to party in, and a wool shed.

    Or this amazing Kangaroo Valley dairy farm.

    Where fairy lights are obviously a must.

    So go, find your dream barn, or bay, or vineyard and have the best damn wedding anyone could ever wish for.