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28 Tweets About Gymnastics That Are Just So Damn Real

Vault would be a more popular gymnastics event if they called it Walk Into The Club Like.


**that thing gymnasts do with their hands between tricks that jazzy wrist pop you know that thing**


me: clueless about gymnastics me watchin the olympics: devastating double tuck, she simply cannot afford to make these errors. 12.25 at best


Men's gymnastics is less popular than women's bc of


Swear the Olympic gymnastics commentators just make up the move names like "lovely Jaegerbomb oh and straight into a perfect lazy Sunday"


Gymnastics: where you have to flip yourself through the air impossibly, defying the laws of gravity and nature, and also do little dances


"gorgeous vaulting" -good compliments for gymnasts and cathedrals!!!


"we never win anymore, we used to win all the time and now we never win" - putin talking about gymnastics.


Does anyone else hate their parents for not putting them in competitive gymnastics?


Every four years I remember I know one thing each about a whole bunch of sports. EG: Diving: Don’t splash. Gymnastics: Stick the landing.


i think a good way to murder people would be to force them to attempt high level gymnastics


the little fancy hops the male gymnasts do during the floor show should be bottled to cure depression


How are gymnasts so pretty and tiny it's like a thumbelina competition


Vault would be a more popular gymnastics event if they called it Walk Into The Club Like.


Would gymnastics be a more popular sport if they called it flips 'n' fun


I don't care what the broadcast says, some of these gymnastics girls are 4-years-old.


Best part of gymnastics is when they hold a handstand on the bars really long because they realise they've forgotten the rest of the routine


I couldn't be an Olympic judge for gymnastics, you'd get a perfect 10 every time just for not killing yourself



Please never let me attend the Olympics because my instinct is to shout, "Be careful!" before every big gymnastics move.


how come male gymnasts can wear stirrup pants and win gold but when i do it it's a "mistake" and people tell me to "go home and change"


you know, if the female gymnasts have to have "dance" requirements, the men should also have to shimmy on the floor. just sayin.


Gymnasts doing floor exercises are basically a glimpse of what happens in my studio when Beyoncé comes up on shuffle #Rio2016


Imagine having to hug as much as gymnasts do.


The most impressive thing about these gymnasts is that this is the first time any of them have done this


I saw Simone Biles wearing a rhinestoned American flag motif metallic lycra gymnastics leotard and flip flops so I bought a rh


If our government isn't exploring how to make our gymnastics program into an elite team of lovable super spies, why do we even pay taxes?


A 41 year old gymnast is competing in her 7th Olympics. I just texted my son and offered him $5 to come downstairs and hand me the remote.


"OH MY SWEET GOD BE CAREFUL. OH- OH MY DEAr LORD GOD. HOW? HOW??" -me watching gymnastics

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