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    19 Reasons A Crush In Your 20s Beats A Crush In High School

    It's less, well, crushing.

    1. Your go-to date suggestion can be "going for a drink".

    2. You're much more experienced in handling rejection.

    3. In fact, years of rejection have helped you build up a skin thicker than you ever thought possible.

    4. While the douche-bag to non-douche-bag ratio may remain the same...

    5.'ve become much more skilled in the art of picking them.

    6. And, speaking of hot. Turns out, most people don't actually peak in high school.

    7. You know by now that the best way to get the relationship you want is to be upfront about it.

    8. Because if they're not on the same page, you know you can just go back to the fabulous single life you've perfected since school.

    9. If you want to wake up next to your crush you can literally just invite them over.

    10. There's much less chance your crush will start going out with your best friend.

    11. You're much less likely to fall for a poorly executed pick-up line.

    12. Yet you also have your own lines, tucked away to pull out on special occasions.

    13. There's a much greater chance your crush knows who you are.

    14. You've learnt how to act relatively normal around a crush.

    15. And how to start a conversation with someone you want to have one with.

    16. You've finally got a handle on those electric feels that come with crush contact.

    17. And you've at last learnt how to just be upfront about what you want.

    18. Your life is full of distractions to keep you from obsessing too much.

    19. And that makes your crush a lot easier to deal with.