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24 Hairstyles You'll Actually Want To Wear To Your School Formal

Not a hair-sprayed barrel curl in sight.

1. These tiny, looped plaits.

2. This simple knot.

3. This bun that is honestly just goals.

4. And this curly one that's just as epic.

5. This twisted updo.

6. These soft, tonged curls.

7. These curly twists.

8. This classic wave.

9. These incredible curls.

10. This coloured crop.

11. This diamond undercut.

12. This chunky AF braid.

13. This sweet plait.

14. This plait-pony combo.

15. These cute buns.

16. These simple twists.

17. These three tight twirls.

18. This knotted pastel dream.

19. This shaved statement look.

20. And this more subtle one.

21. This curled crop.

22. This undone bun.

23. This messy bun with added prettiness.

24. And this updo that needed some foliage to top it off.