These Giant Knitted Blankets Are The Answer To Your Winter Prayers

Talk about a chunky knit.

1. Ukraine-based designer, Anna Mo - the knitting queen behind Etsy store Ohhio - is responsible for creating the world’s* cosiest blankets.

Ohhio / Via

*If you’ve ever seen a blanket cosier than this, we challenge you to stand up and speak right now.

2. Using 100% Australian merino wool and 40mm wooden needles, Mo creates the chunkiest of chunky knits.

3. In addition to her ~super chunky~ blankets, Mo’s online store also stocks a variety of jumpers and scarves that appear so cuddly, one can only assume they’d be capable of warming even the coldest of hearts.

Ohhio / Via

4. Mo also uses her magical knitting skills to make big, beautiful pom-poms, which are available to purchase, along with custom-made giant needles and giant balls of yarn - so you too can make your own warm and wonderful knits.

5. Made to order, each winter-proof blanket is available in 49 different shades, with prices starting at $441.71AUD, with the biggest blanket (100 x 100 inches) priced at $1711.33AUD.

Ohhio / Via

6. But look how snuggly!

7. You would literally never be cold again!

Ohhio / Via

8. You could pretend a giant knitted you a birthday present?!

9. Buy it or DIY it. Whatever. Winter is here and it’s officially time to embrace the chunky knit.

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Gyan Yankovich is a Lifestyle Editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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