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Everyone's Making Jokes About Louis Tomlinson's Rumoured Baby Name

"I hope the other band members name their kids Brisbane Cloudy, Melbourne Windy, and Darwin Humid."

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth are parents: It's official. But what hasn't been confirmed are the reports the pair have named their son Sydney Rain.

Twitter: @Louis_Tomlinson

Of course, that hasn't stopped the people from making a shitload of jokes on Twitter.

Like this adorable debut baby picture.

And this wild assumption of how Louis might have come up with the idea.

There's been a lot of confusion about the baby and the weather forecast for Sydney.

Seriously, heaps of confusion.


There's been concern that the One Direction fandom will most likely use this baby name as inspiration for their own future offspring.

And others are hurt the name wasn't something a little more British.

Twitter: @Zayn_1D_Larry

Was Cloudy London also considered?

But most importantly, Australian weather has never sounded better.

So many more baby name ideas have been born.

Well, there you go. A rainy day in Sydney has never felt more special.

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