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    Exciting News: You Can Now Order Your Sweetgreen Salad With Mixed Dressing

    Your other fave $16 salad could never.

    If you're a fan of Sweetgreen — as I very clearly am — you'll probably agree that the best part of these expensive but delicious salads is their dressing.

    @DanaSchwartzzz / Via Twitter: @DanaSchwartzzz

    Give me my dressing or give me death.

    However, there's always been one major problem with Sweetgreen: When you order online, your dressing comes in a plastic container on the side, NOT MIXED IN.

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    Sweetgreen salads are so much better with the dressing mixed in, I've personally chosen to line up for ~45 minutes, just to get it DONE.

    And sure, I know you technically can ~mix your own~ dressing from said plastic container, but it's just not the same. I wish it was that simple!

    You can imagine my pure delight when I went to order a salad today, and noticed this new option: You can get your dressing on the side OR mixed!


    I literally screamed — and not in the "literally screaming" way like people on Twitter. I mean, I literally called attention to an entire meeting room to share this very important update. (I assure you, they all cared. It's called knowing your audience, people!)

    After placing my order, I reached out to Sweetgreen (finally, an excuse to text my crush!) and found out that dressing mixing is now available NATIONWIDE.

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    After initial testing in their Capitol Hill and Santa Monica locations, they decided to gift the rest of the country this exciting dressing blessing.

    Overall, a great development for Sweetgreen lovers! Celebrate as you will.

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