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22 Stunning Choices For Everyone Who Wants To Wear A Suit To Formal

Your suit inspiration just got sorted.

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3. This outfit that's equal parts stylish and flawless.

Instagram: @midget_giraffe

4. And this one, which serves as another great reminder that pink and white is always a good idea.

Instagram: @gabifresh

5. This on point smart-casual look.

Instagram: @wearewildfang

6. This photo that proves suits ~suit~ everyone.

Instagram: @vicky_flanegan_celebrant

8. This hat-suit combo that works so damn well.

Instagram: @filthy_versace

10. These shoes that will beat a pair of heels any day.

Instagram: @_pilarsofia_

12. This proof that black, white, and grey will always look great together.

Instagram: @samanirin

13. And this white lace peeking through.

Instagram: @brittenelle

14. This incredible use of patterns.

Instagram: @timikomo

15. This reminder that white is always a good choice.

Instagram: @zaraahfam

16. And this striking cape/jacket hybrid.

Instagram: @__erykah_

20. This excellent case for bright colour accents.

Instagram: @revady_n