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22 Stunning Choices For Everyone Who Wants To Wear A Suit To Formal

Your suit inspiration just got sorted.

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1. These perfect ensembles.

2. This subtle floral print.

3. This outfit that's equal parts stylish and flawless.

4. And this one, which serves as another great reminder that pink and white is always a good idea.

5. This on point smart-casual look.

6. This photo that proves suits ~suit~ everyone.

7. And this absolute stand-out.

8. This hat-suit combo that works so damn well.

9. These bright accessories.

10. These shoes that will beat a pair of heels any day.

11. This pastel dream.

12. This proof that black, white, and grey will always look great together.

13. And this white lace peeking through.

14. This incredible use of patterns.

15. This reminder that white is always a good choice.

16. And this striking cape/jacket hybrid.

17. This sleek perfection.

18. This bold choice of pants.

19. And this cool AF get-up.

20. This excellent case for bright colour accents.

21. This elegant ensemble.

22. And this navy perfection.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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