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Just 11 Really Helpful Study Tips From A Memory Expert

A professor of cognitive science shares their tips for remembering the stuff you need to know before an exam.

1. When it comes to study, the most important thing to do is rehearse your information in an "active and meaningful" way.

2. Always put your notes in your own words.

3. And take your notes by hand, rather than typing them.

4. Follow a "study, test, study, test" schedule.

5. For this reason, it's important to set yourself a study schedule that allows time for you to test yourself.

6. Don't listen to music while you study, as it serves as a major distraction.

7. Try making a mind map, connecting all the information you have for a subject.

8. A great study practice is to explain your information to someone out loud, without notes.

9. Read over your notes before you go to bed each night.

10. If you're having trouble remembering something specific, try to connect it to an image or something meaningful in your own life.

11. Space out your study sessions for each subject over a couple of days.