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23 Things That Won't Make Sense To People Who Hate Going Out

There's nothing wrong with loving the club, OK?

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1. When the worst thing possible happens.

2. When it seems everyone online is obsessed with Netflix and sleeping for as long as possible.

3. And your main goal in life is to be whomever Drake was singing about.

4. When you set the mood for the night before you get anywhere near the club.

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5. When you've got your pre-drinking routine so perfected you know it'll stay with you for life.

6. And when you become an expert at playing down your weekend antics at work.

7. When you get that entrance just right.

8. And spend the rest of the night taking photos nobody should ever see.

9. When you promise yourself that next time you go out you'll stay far, far away from the club photographer.

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10. When your exit game is nowhere near as strong as it could be.

11. When your flatmate asks if you should really be going out again.

And you're like: "Stop me!"
New Line Cinema

And you're like: "Stop me!"

12. When you start to feel the heat from your ~mature~ friends who hate going out.

13. But you DGAF because you know your brand is strong.

You may be trash, but you're still glam af.
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You may be trash, but you're still glam af.

14. When you don't go out and stay awake thinking about how much fun everyone is having.

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15. And when you change your mind at the very last minute and end up having a really big one.

16. When your night starts off right.

17. And when it ends just as you should have anticipated.

18. When people try to tell you how to live your life.

19. But you know you always make the right decisions.

20. When miracles do happen.

21. When you imagine the bright future you've got ahead of you.

22. When you spend a perfect Sunday debriefing with your best friends about everything that happened the night before.

23. Because you're actually having the time of your life when you go out, which is why it's your favourite thing to do.