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14 Female Acts You Shouldn't Miss At Splendour In The Grass

Seriously. Don't miss them.

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1. Courtney Barnett

@courtneymelba / Via

Not only was Courtney nominated for a Grammy last year, she also won four awards at the 2015 Arias. If you're an Australian twentysomething, you'll find it borderline impossible not to relate to pretty much everything she sings about.

2. Little May

@littlemaymusic / Via

Sydney-based Liz Drummond, Annie Hamilton, and Hannah Field released their first EP as Little May in 2014 and their first album in 2015. They have a sweet indie-folk sound and are definitely worth watching.

3. Ngaiire

@ngaiire / Via

Australia can be a tough place if you’re an artist with a massive R&B voice. We have a history of liking rock and, well, anything resembling EDM. But that’s gotta change and Ngaiire is the woman to lead the charge. This backing singer turned front woman had a breakout hit in 2015 with "Once" and since then she's been popping up on festival lineups across the country.

4. Låpsley

@musiclapsley / Via

A musician with an umlaut in their name is pretty much code for must-see these days. But even though Låpsley isn't part of the Scandinavian pop wave (she’s a Brit from Southport), she claims Nordic roots and that’s fine by us! Her music is the perfect combo of northern girt and atmospheric whimsy.


5. Syd Tha Kyd from The Internet

@sydinternet / Via

If you're a fan of Odd Future, there's a pretty high chance you'll recognise Syd. She formed The Internet with another former-Odd Future member, Matt Martians, in 2011. For an idea of how damn good her voice and all-round vibe is, listen to "Girl".

7. Karina Utomo from High Tension

@karinautomo / Via

Karina is the lead vocalist of hardcore Melbourne-based band, High Tension. Every track of theirs is only better when it's live, especially when you get to see Karina on stage.

8. Tegan and Sara

@teganandsara / Via

Identical twin sisters, Tegan and Sara released their eighth album, Love You to Death, this year. They've played Glastonbury, Coachella, Falls, and Groovin' The Moo before, so it's pretty safe to say they know how to put together a damn good festival set.


9. Santigold

@santigold / Via

Santigold's a true innovator and an outspoken one at that. When asked by Vogue about the sexualisation of women in the music industry she came out firing: “If you want to be super sexy and that’s your thing, that’s fine. But I don’t think women should feel like that’s their only option, and where we are right now it feels like the only option for a lot of people".

10. Emma Louise

@emmalouisemusic / Via

Emma's best known for her track "Jungle" which was a top five hit in the UK, Italy, and France, and features in a YSL fragrance ad. After finishing work on her latest album, Supercry, she actually considered changing her name to Supercry, because she liked the word so much. She didn't in the end but the music is still damn special.

11. Alison Mosshart from The Kills

@amosshart / Via

Alison Mosshart is one half of The Kills, a band that garnered a whole lot of attention in 2011 when the other half of the band, Jamie Hince, became Mr Kate Moss. But in straight music terms, Mosshart has got some serious singing chops, which is why the self-appointed arbiter of good musical taste, Jack White, recruited her to his “rock supergroup” The Dead Weather.

12. Srey Thy from The Cambodian Space Project

Facebook: 102538263132453

If you combine the essence of Motown, American funk, surf-rock, and The Beatles, with a touch of Tasmanian spirit and dash of Phnom Penh heat you get Cambodian Space Project! Just trust us on this one.


13. Wafia

@wafiaaa / Via

If you're a Ta-Ku fan, you'll already recognise the name. Wafia is 22, lives in Brisbane, and is part of the Future Classic family. If you're into chilled-out electronica with on-point vocals, don't miss her.

14. Kacy Hill

@kacyhill / Via

She's signed to Kanye's record label and according to her Instagram bio she likes "scented candles and good music". Beyond her work in the music industry, she's been the face of American Apparel and was a backup dancer for Kanye on The Yeezus Tour. Her music is chilled out and her voice simply incredible.

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