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21 Food Truths That Only Australians Will Understand

You haven't lived until you've done a Tim Tam slam.

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1. You know that Golden Gaytime is a totally acceptable name for an ice cream.

2. And that finding the right Milo to milk ratio is a fine art, which must be perfected in childhood.

3. You know a family BBQ isn't complete without some sliced cabanossi and cheese cubes.

And a box of Jatz, of course.

And a box of Jatz, of course.

4. You know that there are no shrimps on our barbies.

5. But there are a shitload of prawns.

6. You've felt personally victimised by a bag of Allen's Party Mix.

GFTO bananas.

GFTO bananas.

7. You honestly believe potato gems and a bottle of Powerade can cure any hangover.

8. And a meat pie from the servo is a classic late night snack.

Even better when the tomato sauce is free.

Even better when the tomato sauce is free.

9. You've got into more than one argument about the best flavour of Shapes.

10. But everyone you know agrees that Tim Tams are worth bragging about.

11. Because if you haven't done a Tim Tam slam, have you even really lived?

12. Pizza Roundas will always hold a special place in your heart.

13. You'll never understand why the rest of the world doesn't get on board with calling it Macca's.

14. And you're positive they'll eventually try and claim the delicious genius of sausage sizzles as their own.

15. Because everything tastes better when it's been cooked on a BBQ.


16. You show more commitment to your favourite Paddle Pop flavour than you have to some relationships.

17. And the same goes for your favourite Arnott's biscuit.

18. You know that a lamington is way better than your average slice of cake.

19. And Anzac biscuits > all other biscuits.

20. You're so done with everyone who can't understand why fairy bread is the greatest thing ever.

21. And you'll happily defend Vegemite for the rest of your life if you have to.