Discount Universe's Fashion Week Show Was Actually Really Fucking Wild

    Kylie and Miley would definitely approve.

    Australian fashion label Discount Universe has gained world-wide attention from a hoard of ~fashionistas~ including Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus.

    Miley was actually accused of stealing their designs late last year.

    The brand is well-known for its bright, wild designs but last night's show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia really took things to a whole new level.

    MAC Makeup Director, Nicole Thompson, described the show's two statement makeup looks as "oozing blow-up doll lips" and blue tears.

    "After the last show we wanted to do something completely different - just as bonkers - but completely different," Thompson told BuzzFeed Life.

    Most of the models also had long bright plaits added to their ponytails, which gave off total Kylie vibes.

    This jacket would honestly be the perfect thing to wear if you knew you were going to run into your ex and the person they just started dating.

    And it will be really, really surprising if Miley isn't seen in one of these outfits in the next few months.


    One of the final looks on the runway was this jacket, emblazoned with the line: "Pretty sure this is our final collection".