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    This New Subscription Service Donates Tampons To Homeless Women

    For every box of tampons you buy, another is given to a woman going without.

    This is Saskia Hampele, an actor and entrepreneur living between Melbourne and Los Angeles. She's also the brains behind new tampon subscription service, Gift Box.

    Beyond delivering to subscribers, Gift Box donates tampons to homeless women in Australia. For every box of tampons purchased, another is given to a woman in need.

    Gift Box

    About a year ago, after being asked to donate tampons to a charity donation drive, Hampele came up with the idea for Gift Box and started a crowd-funding campaign to make her idea a reality.

    "With around 46,000 women homeless at any one time in Australia, I thought it was pretty crazy that the issue wasn’t being addressed by the government," she told BuzzFeed. "Having access to tampons isn’t a luxury or a privilege, it’s a matter of dignity and I don’t believe that any woman should be left to go without."

    After raising over $45,000 on Kickstarter, the first Gift Box deliveries will be made on February 1.

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