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Have You Forgotten About The French Knitting Everyone Was Obsessed With In The '90s?

Never before had a toilet roll and a ball of wool been so much fun.

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If you grew up in the '90s, it's very likely that this image right here will make your heart ache a little.

If you didn't, and it doesn't, please ignore this photo of wool and a toilet roll, and continue on with your day. Thank you.

Because to the knowing eye, this is more than some coloured yarn, a cardboard cylinder, and Paddle Pop sticks - this, my friends, is a nostalgia bomb waiting to be detonated.

Because if you remember this, your childhood was magical.

Maybe you remember being taught by your grandparents.

Or maybe you went about your french knitting business at school.

Either way, you'll recall the pure joy that came with having a length of knotted wool you just weren't quite sure what you were supposed to do with, but felt proud of all the same.

So very proud.

Thanks for the memories, you guys.

You did a wonderful, wonderful job making our '90s childhoods damn special.