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19 Times Samantha Harris Was A Style Inspiration On Instagram

*Praise hands*.

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1. When she got blonde highlights just right.

2. And when she proved she could totally pull off platinum blonde, if she so desired.

3. When she looked damn fierce shaded grey.

4. And when she reminded us all that sometimes natural and messy is the best kind of hair.

5. And when she made the ribbon choker look cooler than ever.

6. When she was the only person alive that could be cuter than a kitten.

7. When she made us want to burn our towels and throw away our hair dryers.

8. And invest our life savings in the perfect leather jacket.

9. When she rocked this red lip.

11. When her lips looked perfect in peach.

13. When she took bronze shadow to a whole new level.

14. And made pink blush look prettier than ever.

15. When she owned this smokey make-up look.

16. When she looked perfectly at home on the runway.

18. When her brow game was oh-so-strong.

19. And when she made Australia look more beautiful than ever.