Ricki-Lee Just Called Out Haters After Posting A Selfie Showing Off Her Freckles

“Please - do me and everyone else here a favour and unlike my page, then go and get yourself a life. X”

1. Late yesterday, Australian singer Ricki-Lee Coulter posted a flawless make-up–free selfie with a sweet note about her love for her freckles.

“When I was a little girl I hated my freckles but one day my Pop told me they were just a whole lot of beauty spots & that girls with freckles are special. Now I love them!”

2. Ricki-Lee posted the same image on Facebook, where she later hit back against a flood of nasty comments.

Ricki-Lee / Via Facebook: THErickilee

3. Thankfully, amid the negativity, Ricki-Lee received a ton of support from those who also see the beauty of freckles.

5. And a ton of Ricki-Lee’s fans were quick to remind her how perfect she is – with or without make-up.

6. Thanks for sharing your flawless face with us, Ricki-Lee.

And thanks for the reminder that sometimes you’ve just gotta block those haters out.

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