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14 Ways To Entertain Yourself When The Rain Ruins Your Plans

Because sometimes summer days just aren't what you expect them to be.

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1. Host an indoor picnic with sunshine streaming in from your television screen.

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There are a tonne of sunny scenes on YouTube, so pick your fave, put it on loop, and imagine you're actually outside.

2. Print out your own Cards Against Humanity deck.

Instagram: @cassieoxo

Invite your mates over. Tell them to bring booze.


5. Start re-reading the first Harry Potter book.

Instagram: @jinny

A surefire way to know you're going to have an excellent afternoon.

6. Make a pom-pom. Hell, make HEAPS of pom-poms.

Instagram: @marshmello_design

Tie them together to make a giant pom-pom square.

7. If the rain ruined your running plans, do an indoor workout.

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This Kayla Itsines video will definitely warm you up.


10. Rearrange your bookshelf so it looks like something you'd see on Instagram.

Instagram: @psimadethis

Alternatively, put all your books on the floor, get distracted, and regret everything.

11. Have a go at calligraphy.

Instagram: @afabulousfete

If it sucks, throw it in the bin and try again.

12. Find every lipstick you own and make some art.

Instagram: @psimadethis

More details on how to do this can be found here.