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14 Ways To Entertain Yourself When The Rain Ruins Your Plans

Because sometimes summer days just aren't what you expect them to be.

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1. Host an indoor picnic with sunshine streaming in from your television screen.

View this video on YouTube

There are a tonne of sunny scenes on YouTube, so pick your fave, put it on loop, and imagine you're actually outside.

2. Print out your own Cards Against Humanity deck.

Instagram: @cassieoxo

Invite your mates over. Tell them to bring booze.

3. Log into Myspace and LAUGH OUT LOUD at all your old photos.

Gyan Yankovich
Gyan Yankovich

The site may be completely different now, but thankfully your old photos are still available under the "mixes" tab.

4. Make your own pizza dough and avoid the long wet weather Menulog wait.

Get the recipe here.

Get the recipe here.

5. Start re-reading the first Harry Potter book.

Instagram: @jinny

A surefire way to know you're going to have an excellent afternoon.

6. Make a pom-pom. Hell, make HEAPS of pom-poms.

Instagram: @marshmello_design

Tie them together to make a giant pom-pom square.

7. If the rain ruined your running plans, do an indoor workout.

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This Kayla Itsines video will definitely warm you up.

8. Make some tasty mulled wine and don't worry about telling anyone how cheap the bottle of red you used was.

Get the recipe here.

Get the recipe here.

9. Find a colouring book that suits your mood.

Like this one that's perfect for anyone who's a little pissed off.
PixieRah Designs / Via

Like this one that's perfect for anyone who's a little pissed off.

10. Rearrange your bookshelf so it looks like something you'd see on Instagram.

Instagram: @psimadethis

Alternatively, put all your books on the floor, get distracted, and regret everything.

11. Have a go at calligraphy.

Instagram: @afabulousfete

If it sucks, throw it in the bin and try again.

12. Find every lipstick you own and make some art.

Instagram: @psimadethis

More details on how to do this can be found here.

13. Bake something delicious, enjoying the way the oven heats your whole house.

Get the recipe for these fairy bread biscuits here.

14. Rewatch your favourite childhood movie.

20th Century Fox

Because you know it's going to be good.